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Published: 19th October 2010
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SMSF is super annuation and a fund that you get to manage on your own so that you can become self dependent in the later years. Up to four people can set up a SMSF where the main aim is to become independent financially in your golden years. With four people running this fund, they are better able to control how to use and maximize this fund. One of the better strategies that can be implemented is to request a SMSF trustee to obtain a loan and invest the money in property, shares and bonds. The trustee should be in a position to obtain this loan form a loan that is non-resourced in order to receive favours upon their investments. According to the law it allows the trustee to obtain a loan in case of acquiring an asset, but there is always a catch where the borrower needs to obtain the loan against an asset and this will be held by the bare trustee.

There are several SMSF software programs which you can choose when using the SMSF, but it is essential that you exercise caution and careful choosing so that you obtain the best software program that works for you. some of the software features you should consider when looking to choose the SMSF software program is how easily you will be able to use it, how effective it will be for investments and if your work can become easier by using this software. The SMSF software should also be able to help you set targets so that you are aware of exactly what is happening around you. Ensure that you receive a trial version of the SMSF software so that you can have a hand in knowing if it works out well for you. This trail may also help you decide if you need to work with a different software or continue using the current software.

In order for a trustee to borrow money, he or she will have to upgrade their trust deed so that it is compatible with the latest rules in the SMSF where custodians and bare trustees can be appointed. A bare trust will also have to set up with a trustee known to be bare trustee and not the trustee associated with SMSF. The trustee will have to agree to the terms and conditions of the loan which takes into consideration the bare trustee and market values. The next step would be is to draw up the investment strategy so that the new funds obtained will be reflected in the agreement.

Some of the more top strategies that can come into play when using SMSF is transferring your shares to the SMSF. This also requires careful consideration on your part as you can end up losing capital gains tax. Instead you can make use of the SMSF as a borrowing arrangement to play the role of collateral. Ensure that you purchase small caps which will ultimately give you leverage to obtain assets that otherwise you could not have done. If deciding to transfer your assets to SMSF, keep in mind that you will be eligible to use loans as well as contributions which will only strengthen the SMSF account. However, follow the currency rate carefully in order not to run into too many issues. Aside from this, you can receive shares on loans that you have obtained from banks to be used as leverage in future investments.

If you are using self managed super funds to grow your super, then the better the smsf software you have, the better your account should perform

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